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Next Generation School ERP


Shakti software provides smarter way of assigning subject wise homework, with real time update to parents. Even during absence students can receive home work. Multiple options for teachers to assign home work. Option to assign from mobile app and pc. Student's parents will know the details before students get back to home. Parents will get better visibility on class activities and will feel more involved in their child studies.


Basic information can be updated online instead of needing to make a special trip to the office to fill out paperwork. School billing and account management is hassle-free since it can be monitored and paid online. Perhaps the biggest benefit for parents is the ability to keep track of their student’s grades, attendance, and homework on a daily basis, which makes it easy to keep track of their student’s academic progress.

Mobile Application

Communication among the school, teachers, and parents is crucial for student success. Shakti software has a powerful communications feature that keeps everyone in touch 24-hours a day. Schools can send emails, text, and voice messages to the entire school or predefined groups of parents, such as all at once significantly reducing the amount of time administrators need to make phone calls, talk to parents.

Customize Report's

Shakti software offers several semi-customizable report card styles to meet your school’s needs. Choose from layouts like bi-fold, tri-fold or simple portrait oriented designs. Chock full of advanced features like custom classes, custom grade scales, numbered and term comments, attendance, behavior, work habits, bilingual format and much more. We have a report card that fits your school.

We make it Simple …

Digital solutions are meant for simplification of manual and repetitive Task. In today’s competitive market, ever business is trending towards digital integrity for easy and simple administration with high accuracy. Our customized software & web-portal specially designed for your business and aims at maximum simplification of your daily administrative tasks.

We understand your complicated requirements,And we will make them Simple ….