Data Migration Support

Student's master data, staff master data, accounting masters bus/trip masters, fees master. We will import all data in this software and make it ready to use for you.

Online Remote Desktop Support

Online remote desktop support for any query in operating of ERP software.

On-School Training

2 Days to 15 Days on school training for your staff.

Hardware/Networking Support

Our ERP co-ordinator will be hardware networking engineer, so they will help a lot to your school in computer maintenance.

ERP Co-ordinators

Shakti software also provides ERP co-ordinator for managing this software. ERP co-ordinator/s will be special staff trained by SEM softwares particularly for operating, managing school ERP software. They will manage all your data entry work for this software, and will provide what ever reports, when ever you need it. ERP co-ordinator will be staff of your organization, assigned, managed and paid by our company. You can directly order them your technical requirements.